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Mother Earth & Father Sky ~ Wall Sand Painting 14 x 8 Inch
Mother Earth & Father Sky ~ Wall Sand Painting 14 x 8 Inch
    Item # 28852

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    Handcrafted in New Mexico


    Mother Earth & Father Sky ~ Navajo Sand Painting Matted and Framed ~ These sand paintings are done completely by hand. On the back of each piece is a card with the artists name and written in the artists hand the name of the painting. The Navajo people believe the universe to be delicately balanced. Only man can upset it causing disaster or illness. When this happens a medicine man must restore the natural balance. Balance is restored by healing with chants herbs prayers songs and sand paintings. This piece measures approximately 14 x 8 Inch. These paintings should be dusted only. Do not use hot water or abrasive cleaners. Handcrafted in New Mexico.

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